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The Student Secure plan provides international student health insurance to both international and study abroad students who are studying outside of their home country. There are four levels of coverage to choose from; Smart, Budget, Select, and Elite — so there will be a plan option to suit all requirements and budgets.

It offers coverage on a daily or monthly basis (with monthly payment option) that will meet many school and government requirements, and for those students on the J1 and F1 visa (even those on OPT) you are automatically eligible for coverage.

Plan Level Policy Max Deductible per injury/illness (in-network) Brochure Price per month *
(in the United States)
Buy Now Smart $200,000 $50
per injury/illness (in-network)
Buy Now Budget $500,000 $45
per injury/illness (in-network)
Buy Now Select $600,000 $35
per injury/illness (in-network)
Buy Now Elite $5,000,000 $25
per injury/illness (in-network)

* Rates are based on students aged 24 and under, studying inside the USA, and do not include the optional sports rider.

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Seeking Treatment


The Student Secure plan will reimburse your expenses from a virtual telemedicine doctors visit. For non-emergency situations, we encourage you to obtain a telemedicine consultation first — you are free to use any telemedicine provider you wish and can submit a claim to be reimbursed, as per the plan benefits and exclusions.

In-Person Visits

For in-person medical care please locate a doctor, clinic or hospital that is part of the UnitedHealthcare Network. It is recommended to search for a doctor, urgent care or walk-in clinic as the best places to seek medical care.

Only use the Emergency Room (ER) in real emergency situations, as you will have to pay more to visit the ER in the USA.

Claim Form

For each new injury/illness, you will want to submit a fully completed claim form along with any receipts and prescriptions. This will expedite the processing of your claim, and you can track the progress of your claim in the Student Zone.

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This plan is underwritten by Lloyd's.