Specialty Insurance Plans

Trip Cancellation
Emergency Evacuation
Dental Plans

When you travel abroad, you may find that you have a certain amount of health insurance coverage in place already, but that you do not have any emergency evacuation coverage or you would like to protect the cost of your trip by purchasing a trip cancellation insurance plan.

The standard insurance plans we offer at International Student Insurance often include all these benefits as part of a package — however, you still can purchase them as individual components. We currently offer the following specialty insurance plans:

Trip Cancellation Insurance

Protect the cost of your trip in case the unexpected happens and you cannot travel, trip cancellation insurance will refund the money you have paid out for your trip.

Emergency Evacuation Insurance

Standalone emergency evacuation insurance that provides up to $250,000 for emergency medical evacuation and repatriation.

Dental Plans

Most international insurance plans only provide coverage for accidental dental, but not regular dental coverage which many of these plans do provide.

International Student Insurance also provides a range of specialized insurance plans that includes coverage for:

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