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Mexico International Student Insurance

International Student Health Insurance for Mexico

Mexico is full of educational opportunities for international students, including access to ancient civilizations built by the Mayans, Aztecs, Zapotecs, and dozens of others. Mexico is home to over 2,000 institutions of higher education, and is a particularly popular study destination for students interested in economics, social sciences, ancient history, Spanish language and literature, and public administration and politics.

Additionally, the cost of studying abroad in Mexico is significantly lower than comparable programs in Europe or the US. The low cost of living in Mexico makes the country a perfect destination for international students who are worried about breaking the bank.

Healthcare in Mexico

As an international student studying in Mexico, you will find that healthcare in the country is very good, even excellent. Every medium-to-large city in Mexico has at least one first-rate hospital, and many doctors in the country were trained in the United States (and many US doctors have trained in Mexico!). The cost of healthcare in Mexico is significantly lower than it is in the US; prescription drugs manufactured in Mexico cost roughly half of what the same drugs cost in the US. Mexico’s healthcare system includes private facilities and private insurance plans as well as universal health insurance programs.

International Student Insurance

The public healthcare systems in Mexico are generally not available to visitors, which means that if you need healthcare during your time in Mexico, you will need to seek care through private doctors and hospitals. These private providers will require you to provide proof of insurance before they treat you and perhaps a credit card imprint pending approval from your insurance company or they may also require you to pay in cash up front before receiving any treatment. Your study abroad program or host university may also require you to purchase insurance and provide proof of coverage before you begin your studies.

To assist international students in Mexico, we offer two excellent insurance options. The Student Health plan provides full-time students and their families with health insurance coverage that can be kept through the duration of study with additional benefits specialized for students. On the other hand, Atlas Travel is designed to provide coverage for less than 1 year, making it a great option for short-term study abroad programs, or as a more affordable choice for families since you don’t have to be a student to qualify.

Choosing an international student insurance plan can be daunting when attempting to find a plan that meets both school and country visa requirements, so it’s important to weigh your options before purchasing. If you have questions about our plans or would like to discuss specific insurance requirements, feel free to contact us.

Please review both plans below and contact our customer service team if you need assistance:

  Patriot Exchange Patriot Travel
Policy Max. $5 Million $1 Million
Deductible Ded. $0 to $500 $0 to $2,500
Currency $ USD priced $ USD priced
Premium Starting at $1.37 / day Starting at $0.86 / day

Best Insurance Plans for Mexico

We have a range of insurance plans, however for students studying in Mexico the best insurance options are: