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Health Insurance in Denmark

Learn about the health insurance system in Denmark

If you decide to study in Denmark, you should also learn how the country’s national health insurance service would affect you as an international student. It’s vitally important that you know the basics of how Denmark’s health insurance system works when you need medical treatment or hospitalization.

There’s no question that Denmark has a national healthcare system that could be the envy of the world. The public health services provided by the government are excellent and highly efficient. As it is financed by taxes, all citizens and legal residents receive equal access to medical care and hospitalization.

For non-EU/EEA Students

You will not be covered for the first six weeks. In accordance with the Danish Health Act, you will be covered for emergencies only, such as an accident, acute illness, or chronic disease. Everything else would have to be paid by you or your insurance. It also will not cover emergency evacuation to your home country should you need to return home.

After the first six weeks, you may apply for coverage through the Danish Civil Registration System. For stays lasting longer than 3 months, you must apply for a Danish residence permit. From then on, you are entitled to free medical care in Demark.

For EU/EEA/Switzerland Students

If your stay is less than three months, you may use your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), provided that you are covered in your home country. You will be covered for same services as the Danish. The bills will be forwarded to your home country. If, however, your plan is to stay longer, you must register with the Danish Civil Registration System. Submit an E106 form, S1 portable document, or valid EHIC from homeland.

Registering with the Civil Registration System

There are two different categories when you register.

Group 1:

This is more or less like an HMO option. Care offered by General Practitioners (GPs) is covered. You must choose a GP within your area (kommune) and he/she will give you a referral (henvisning) to a specialist if necessary.

Group 2:

This is more of a PPO option. You are able to pick any GP or specialist you choose. However, only a portion of the costs will be covered.

Should you require hospitalization, you have a choice of state-run or private providers. Most hospitals are state-run. You will be covered but you must be referred by your doctor, unless it’s an emergency.It’s a fact that state-run hospitals have waiting lists. You can find out how long you have to wait on the internet. You may be able to pick the hospital with the shortest waiting list if they accept you. In some cases, you are allowed to go outside of Denmark and the health service may pay most of the cost. But please be aware that you probably have to pay the difference yourself. In these cases, having extra insurance will protect you from covering the cost of the difference.

Always remember that, in case of life-threatening emergency, CALL 112. This is the EU equivalent of 911 in US or 999 in Great Britain.

Best Insurance Plans for Denmark

We have a range of insurance plans, however for students studying in Denmark the best insurance options are: