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Denmark Visa Insurance Requirements

Learn about the visa insurance requirements for students in Denmark

Visa requirements for Denmark will depend on whether you’re coming from the EU/EEA/Switzerland or non-EU/EEA nations.

Denmark is part of the European Union. So if you are from EU/EEA or Switzerland, as its policy, you will be recognized and treated as any student from the countries. So, in essence, you do not need a visa to study in Denmark. However, you do need to get a registration certificate which confirms that you are from EU/EEA/Switzerland and certifies that you have been accepted to higher education. It also states that you are self-sufficient while you are attending school.

Non-EU/EEA students do need to apply for student visas that grant them residence permits if the stay lasts longer than three months. If the stay is less than three months, then they may apply as guest students. According to the Danish Immigration Service website, the school of acceptance and you will need to fill out the required information and attach documents needed to process the application. Financial records (bank statements, grants and loan award letters) in students’ own names are also required to be submitted at that time. They are needed to prove that students are capable of supporting themselves financially during their stay. At this time, a minimum of US $830 per month is required. Another requirement that has to be met is proficiency in any of the following languages: Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English or German. This needs to happen before entering Denmark, so don’t wait till the last minute as the processing may take up to 2 to 3 months.

In addition, you will need to provide proof of health insurance. You will need to be able to show proof of coverage for the entire stay in Denmark.

For EU/EEA and Swiss students, get proof of your European Health Insurance Card from your authorities before coming to Denmark. This entitles you health coverage while you are in Denmark until Danish Health insurance kicks in.

In order to qualify, you need to register at the Borgerservice (Citizen Service) right away when you receive your residence certificate.

For Non-EU/EEA students, if your stay is less than three months, you should purchase private health insurance to cover any medical treatment that you may need. The requirements for insurance are as follow:

  • The insurance company must have representation in Europe
  • Medical coverage needs to be at least US $37,500
  • Insurance must be valid through your stay

The Atlas Travel plan will meets and exceed these requirements and will provide you with a visa letter to show proof of coverage to your embassy or consulate.

However, if your stay is longer than six months, the Danish Health Security Act will be able to cover you. For Non-EU/EEA students, once you receive your yellow Health Insurance Card with your name, address, and personal registration number (CPR), you will be allowed access to free medical treatment in clinics and hospitals. But be forewarned that, it will not cover the costs of medical transfers back to your home country, emergency repatriation and liability should a need arise.

This is why having private health insurance becomes critical!

Best Insurance Plans for Denmark

We have a range of insurance plans, however for students studying in Denmark the best insurance options are: