This plan is designed to be flexible, allowing you to select options to the standard hospital plan, including: International Outpatient, International Medical Evacuation, International Health and Wellbeing, and International Vision and Dental.


You must be 18 years old or over to purchase a policy. While all nationalities are encouraged to apply, there are certain country restrictions. Please note that the Cigna Global is not available to internationals residing in, or citizens of, the following countries: Iran, Sudan, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, local nationals in the US Virgin Islands, and Libya.

The Cigna Global Medical plan is medically underwritten, which means you will need to answer medical questions, and if requested, you will need to provide medical records. Based on your answers and your medical history, Cigna will evaluate your medical background and decide how to handle any pre-existing conditions. This process takes approximately 5 business days to be reviewed.

Highlights of the plan

  • Unlimited Coverage Available
  • Optional Evacuation/ Repatriation
  • Optional Wellness, Dental and Vision
  • Mental Health Benefits
  • Maternity/ Pregnancy Available
  • Multiple Currencies
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