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China International Student Insurance

International Student Health Insurance for Students in China

China is a beautiful country with a long and important history. It is the world’s most populous nation, with a population of nearly 1.35 billion people, and has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. So why study in China?

China is an increasingly popular place for international students to study, due in part to the prestigious reputation of its educational facilities. Chinese universities are known for their excellent science, technology, engineering, and math programs. In recent years, China’s schools have been ranked as some of the best in the world for science and math. International students studying in China, particularly those studying math or science, can be assured that they are receiving some of the best educations money can buy.

As an international student in China, Chinese health care may not be quite up to that standard to which you are accustomed. The medical education system in china has improved drastically in recent years, but the quality of healthcare in China still varies widely across the country. In major Chinese cities, it is possible to find high-quality health care; many hospitals in large cities have VIP wards which provide medical services to foreigners and are staffed with some English-speaking personnel. However, even in VIP wards patients may find that they run into difficulties due to cultural, language, and regulatory differences.

Hospitals in rural Chinese areas may not have all of the facilities one may come to expect so it’s important to find an insurance plan that will help transport you to another location where you can receive the treatment needed, especially in the event of an emergency. International students studying in China are advised to opt for treatment in foreign-invested hospitals and clinics - and to be very familiar with their health insurance plan.

International students in China are required to purchase both medical insurance and personal accidental death and injury insurance. These can be purchased before or after arrival in China. International students staying in China longer than six months are required to be covered by health insurance for the duration of their stay in China. International students studying in China for longer than a year (X1 visa) are required to undergo a physical examination, which should be performed in a public hospital one month before departure. If the examination is performed in a private hospital, the student should get the certificate notarized.

We offer the following plans to students who are planning to travel, study or visit China:

Europe Travel Atlas Travel Student Secure
Policy MaximumPolicy Max. €40,000 to €6 Million $50,000 to $2 Million $200,000 to $5,000,000 max$200k to $5M max
DeductibleDed. €0 up to €2,000 $0 up to $5,000 $25 up to $100
Currency € Euro priced $ USD priced $ USD priced
Premium Starting at €0.54/ day Starting at $0.79/ day Starting at $0.79/ day
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Best Insurance Plans for China

We have a range of insurance plans, however for students studying in China the best insurance options are: