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Why Study in the USA?

Why study in the USA as an International Student

Approximately 30 percent of all international students study in the United States, and the percentage continues to increase each year. With the country’s notable reputation in higher education, it is not surprising that students from around the world choose to enhance their education in the US.

The US offers a variety of cultural and academic perspectives, allowing international students to tailor their experience in a way that best suits them. Most American students are polite and eager to learn about the different countries international students are from. Clubs and organizations help international students feel welcome, find friends and community, and often host events right on campus. In the United States, campus life is extremely important, and schools go to great lengths to try to make the academic and social environment comfortable and stimulating for students.

Though there are a multitude of reasons why students choose to study in the US, the three most popular reasons include:

  • Reputation and Opportunity
  • Flexibility
  • Financial Aid

Reputation and Opportunity

The United States has a worldwide reputation of commitment to excellence in its higher education system. The top schools in the US are selective, admitting only the best students around the world. High schools in the US prepare for these colleges, allowing students to take “college prep” courses, or even “dual enrollment” where the high school students will also take classes at a local college. With the United States as a leader in many areas of technology and research, international students who choose to study in the US will have opportunities to work with leading scholars in their fields. Quality in education is a priority for US colleges and universities. Schools select expertly trained teachers, professors and faculty who challenge students and create future leaders. Of the top 25 universities in the world, 13 of them are located in the US, so students who graduate from a college in the US are widely respected around the world.


The United States’ culture values individuality, so there are many opportunities for international students to create their own path and academic journey. The flexibility in schedules, environment, degree programs, and school type are attractive to international students who may not have as many options in their home country.

Most courses will be offered multiple times during the academic year, and international students will have the opportunity to choose what time and days they would like to take their classes. Students are encouraged to work at their own pace in their academic journey. Advisors are available to help students through the creation of their schedules, helping them register for classes that can work around employment opportunities, research projects, and other activities.
The land, climate, and people of the US are diverse, giving international students options and perspective. The US landscape can include beaches, mountains, forests, and urban cityscapes. The people could be hospitable, quick-witted, artistic and relaxed. Students can live in cold, dry climates or hot, humid climates. Though different regions of the US are known for certain environments and people, most universities in the US will include a diverse range, as students from across the country will be attending the school as well. International students will be open to new societies, traditions, viewpoints and cultures.
Degree Programs
There are endless degree programs available in the United States. Specializations for the student’s chosen program is very popular. For example, international students studying business can specialize in accounting, international business, management, entrepreneurship, etc. Students can have more than one concentration, major and minor. Students can also participate in an independent study program in which they will be able to study a topic of interest that does not fit into the university’s academic curriculum.
School Type
The variety of colleges and universities gives international students more options on how they would like to complete their program. Some students choose to attend a community college for two years before transferring to a four-year university. Community colleges offer lower tuition costs and smaller class sizes for personal attention. Other students begin at a four-year university or college. There are also public and private universities. Public universities are usually larger in land and population, while private universities are usually smaller. Schools with smaller class sizes allow international students to be able to meet with professors in their offices, or sometimes even share a coffee meeting with them.

Financial Aid

Most universities offer grants, loans, stipends and other financial support to help international students pay for tuition, books, living expenses, and research projects. Scholarships are extremely prevalent in the US, and some students even achieve a full-ride, which means their college expenses are completely paid for. These scholarships can be awarded to students while they are in high school or during college. Students who still need more financial help after the aid can find on-campus work. Many of these jobs can be available in the student’s field of study, and offer flexible hours to not distract from studies.

The benefits of studying in the USA have been appreciated by hundreds of thousands of international students. With the opportunity to advance English languages skills, have intercultural experiences, challenging, in-depth instruction and more, international students who study in the US will have more opportunity, more confidence, and more improved communication and social skills. It’s no question why the USA hosts more international students than any other country in the world.

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