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New College of Florida

Sarasota, FL

For international students who are studying on an F1 visa at New College of Florida, the Student Secure plan is an ideal solution that will meet your school's insurance requirement. The plan comes in 4 levels (Smart, Budget, Select and Elite) — the levels that meet your school's requirements are noted below:




  • Starts at $29/month
  • $200,000 maximum
  • $50 deductible
  • 80% coverage



  • Starts at $43/month
  • $500,000 maximum
  • $45 deductible
  • 80% up to $25,000



  • Starts at $89/month
  • $600,000 maximum
  • $35 deductible
  • 80% up to $5,000



  • Starts at $164/month
  • $5,000,000 maximum
  • $25 deductible
  • 100% in network

For full details on your school's insurance requirements, please visit the New College of Florida website for more information, and for full details about the plans above, please visit the Student Secure page or contact our team for more details.

Not an F1 Visa Student?

For J1 visa, OPT, ESL, dependents, scholars and study abroad students at New College of Florida , the following plans might still work for you: Student Secure or Atlas Travel.

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International Student Insurance has gathered this information as a resource for international students, and this resource does not intend to imply a relationship between your school and our website or company. You should always double-check directly with your school and with our customer service team to ensure that Student Secure meets your school's international student insurance requirements.