University of South Florida
Tampa, FL

PLEASE NOTE: We will be launching our updated plan that has been pre-approved by USF on 7/19/2024. Please check by on this page for the plan as it will be live starting on Friday.

ISI has worked with the University of South Florida to create a customized plan to meet and exceed their insurance requirements. You can enroll right online and then you can submit an online waiver form directly with USF along with the front and back of your insurance card (which will be emailed to you immediately after purchase).

Important Dates — Students must purchase this period of coverage

Annual: August 17, 2024 until August 16, 2025
Fall: August 17, 2024 until December 31, 2024

Please note that the last day to submit your waiver for USF is August 26, 2024.

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If you are a scholar, exchange student, dependent, study abroad student, or you are on OPT, please use our comparison tool to see other plans that may work for you.

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If you need help selecting a plan or enrolling in a policy, please contact our customer service team, and they would be happy to help.

International Student Insurance has gathered this information as a resource for international students, and this resource does not intend to imply a relationship between your school and our website or company. You should always double-check directly with your school and with our customer service team to ensure that our plans meets your school's international student insurance requirements.