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Health Insurance in Saudi Arabia

As an international student, it is important that you be familiar with the health insurance regulations of your host country. This way, you will be prepared should the unexpected happen and you become ill or injured during your stay.

Saudi Arabia mandates health coverage for all expatriates. Even those who will be staying in Saudi Arabia for a short amount of time should purchase health insurance in Saudi Arabia for the duration of their stay. Medical insurance in Saudi Arabia is heavily regulated, and it is important to research and compare plans from private health insurance in Saudi Arabia to ensure that the plans are providing everything that is mandatory for your visa requirements.

Insurers and Costs

The main insurers for health insurance in Saudi Arabia are Bupa Saudi Arabia, Tawuniya, and MedGulf Arabia. In comparison with other international medical insurance plans in the Middle East, medical insurance in Saudi Arabia comes at a sensible cost. When choosing an insurer, bear in mind your region and whether or not the plan will include psychiatric care, rehabilitation, therapy, emergency evacuation and transportation, in-patient and day case management, out-patient treatment, chronic illnesses and conditions, maternity, and dental. Not everyone will need the same amenities during their stay, but it is important to make sure that your needs are provided for and you meet the health insurance requirements for obtaining a visa. Private health insurance in Saudi Arabia will look different depending on the company, and it is your responsibility to purchase the one that is right for you.


Even though the medical treatment in Saudi Arabia is of good quality, international students are still encouraged to make sure that emergency evacuation is included in the plan. Those who find themselves not able to receive treatment in a facility in Saudi Arabia will be thankful to know that their plan allows them to evacuate and find treatment elsewhere.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can also be of benefit to some international students. The minimum a student should be looking for in a travel insurance plan is medical and hospitalization coverage, medical repatriation assistance and civil liability coverage.

Though accidents and illnesses cannot be completely prevented when studying in Saudi Arabia, these medical emergencies do not have to ruin your trip or dig a hole in your wallet. Health insurance in Saudi Arabia is meant to help ease the stress and pain that comes with having to pay out-of-pocket for an unexpected illness or injury during your stay as a student. The private health insurance in Saudi Arabia is versatile and constantly growing so it is important to look closely at the plans you choose and decide whether or not the plan will meet the necessary requirements for earning your visa. As medical insurance in Saudi Arabia continues to protect international students from unnecessary expenses, those who have the opportunity to explore the country and witness its majestic wonders will understand why having health insurance in Saudi Arabia was worth it.

Best Insurance Plans for Saudi-arabia

We have a range of insurance plans, however for students studying in Saudi-arabia the best insurance options are: