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Healthcare in the Netherlands

Learn about the healthcare system in the Netherlands

The healthcare system in the Netherlands is so efficient that many countries including the United States are looking toward the Netherlands to improve their own healthcare systems. When international students enter the Netherlands, they are required to obtain some form of insurance for medical treatments, and the specifics will depend on his situation. If something were to happen while studying in the Netherlands, international students can be confident that medical treatment in the Netherlands is proficient and effective. Many international students who experience health care in the Netherlands are satisfied with the system and some even express these methodical ideas in their home country.

Medical Treatment

Medical treatment in the Netherlands is for the student’s convenience. In the Netherlands there is a doctor—a huisarts—who international students will need to register with. These doctors are for your expediency, and can reside no more than ten minutes from your home, school, or business in case of calls. The student’s insurance company can provide a list of doctors available. International students not registered with a doctor may find it hard to find a nearby doctor taking patients, and his illness can be extended to a dangerous condition. The healthcare system in the Netherlands relies heavily on the huisarts. In order to receive non-urgent medical treatment from a hospital or other specialist health provider, international students will need a referral from a huisarts. In the case of an emergency, 112 is the emergency services line.

Dentistry and Orthodontics

Health care in the Netherlands also includes dentistry and orthodontics. The student’s insurance company can locate a dentist in his area, but not all insurance plans will cover dental care. It is important to register with a dentist upon your arrival in the Netherlands because they are in short supply. For extra coverage a student’s insurance can also include orthodontics.


In most cases, medical treatment in the Netherlands will rarely involve antibiotics. A huisarts may not prescribe many medicines, but when they do it is imperative that the student finds a nearby pharmacy to pick up his prescriptions. When looking for a pharmacy, international students should look for the one that has the services he needs. Some pharmacies deliver medicines of free; some offer secured pick-up boxes which need a key and is catered toward students who will need to pick up medicines after hours. Once the student finds a pharmacy that fits his needs, the pharmacy may expect him to register with them and provide contact and insurance information. Drogists provide over-the-counter medicines.

With the health care system in the Netherlands involving preventative care, medical treatment and emergency care, international students studying in the Netherlands can ensure they will be taken care of. Healthcare in the Netherlands is seen as one of the top systems in the world and many international students will be treated with quality and consistency. As long as international students discover what insurance is right for them, obtain that insurance, and register for the doctor’s they need, the unfortunate experience of becoming ill or injured while in the Netherlands can be transformed.

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