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World Elite is an ACA-compliant health insurance plan for international students in the United States who hold a valid F-1 visa. It is ideal for students seeking comprehensive health insurance at select schools, and it meets all the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), including unlimited coverage, wellness/preventive care, maternity, and mental health coverage.

Benefits at a glance

Policy Maximum Unlimited
Deductible $0, $250, $450
Wellness Covered 100% in-network
Pre-existing Conditions Covered from day 1
Maternity Covered as any other condition
Intercollegiate, Club, Intramural Sports Covered as any other condition
Emergency Medical Evacuation Covered up to $120,000 maximum
Emergency Medical Repatriation Covered up to $50,000 maximum
Return of Mortal Remains Covered up to $25,000 maximum

To view the full benefits and limitations of the plan, please review the plan certificate for the World Elite Plus, World Elite 250, and World Elite 450.

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