International Military Student Health Insurance

The Atlas Travel plan from WorldTrips Medical Insurance Services is for all military students and dependents in the USA on A or B visas. The coverage has been customized to meet all DSCA medical policy requirements, providing comprehensive coverage for officers/students and their dependents. Each participant must have a health insurance plan that meets all DSCA medical policy requirements covering complete dates for their period of time in the United States, and this plan has been designed to meet those requirements.

Once you have purchased a plan, you will receive an email confirmation and fulfillment package that includes your insurance ID card, policy information and receipt.

Students should check with the International Military Student Office (IMSO) at the school they will be attending to determine if there is a requirement to purchase additional insurance for to cover pregnancy or organized sports.

Highlights of the Atlas Travel plan include:

  • $500,000 in Coverage
  • Hospitalization/ Doctors Visits
  • Prescription Medication
  • Evacuation/ Repatriation
  • Optional Hazardous Sports Rider
  • Online Instant Application
  • Renewability
  • Monthly Payment Options
  • Plan Management Online
  • and much more…

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