Chadron State College
Chadron, NE

Chadron State College requires the Student Secure plan for their international students because it provides comprehensive coverage designed for international students at reasonable rates. Each international student who is studying at Chadron State College must purchase the Smart, Budget, Select or Elite level to protect themselves in the event that they have an accident or illness during their time in the USA.

International Student Athletes please note: If you are an international student athlete, do not purchase the Smart plan. International Student Athletes are required to purchase the Budget, Select or Elite level and include sports coverage. Choose “yes” to add the Sports Rider under Optional Coverage on your selected Student Secure plan.

重要日期 — 留学生必须购买这整段时间的保险覆盖

Spring 2024: January 1, 2024 - May 31, 2024
最高保额 免赔额 计划小册子 每月保费 *
Student Secure Smart $200,000 $50
每宗疾病/受伤 (医疗网络内的机构就医)
Student Secure Budget $500,000 $45
每宗疾病/受伤 (医疗网络内的机构就医)
Student Secure Select $600,000 $35
每宗疾病/受伤 (医疗网络内的机构就医)
Student Secure Elite $5,000,000 $25
每宗疾病/受伤 (医疗网络内的机构就医)

* 以上保费是24岁或以下人士年龄层的保费。


如果你需要协助寻找或投保计划,请contact our customer service team,我们持有保险牌照的客服同事会立刻为你提供帮助:

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