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在美国Bethune-Cookman University就读的F1签证留学生,Student Secure留学医疗保险计划是最能符合你学校保险要求的选择。 计划分为四个级别(Smart、Budget、Select 和 Elite) - 而符合你学校保险要求的级别分别是:

Student Secure Policy Max Deductible per injury/illness (in-network) Price per month * 计划小册子
Select $600,000 $35 $97 在线投保
Elite $5,000,000 $25 $179 在线投保

* rates are based on students aged 24 and under.

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Student Waivers

If you need to waive your school’s insurance plan, please purchase your policy online, and then submit your waiver form to us at Waivers will be completed within 48 business hours and sent directly to your school.


If you need help selecting a plan or enrolling in a policy, please contact our customer service team, and they would be happy to help.

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International Student Insurance 为留学生搜集这类信息资源并不代表本网站或本公司与你的学校有任何关系。 购买前你应该再次与你的学校或我们的客服团队确认Student Secure留学医疗保险计划是否符合你学校的保险规定要求。