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International Student Insurance Presentations

As a NAFSA Global Partner, and members of various other organizations, we are often asked to present at conferences throughout the year. This is typically done with co-presenters from the world of international education, so that we are not only providing our expertise and insight from the insurance world - but also delivering real-world examples.

In 2016, we will have sessions at every NAFSA Regional conference and the presentations are all included here for you to view, but also to download:

US Healthcare System Video

Learn more about the US Healthcare System with our 6 minute video introduction.

Free School Resources

For schools and organizations looking to provide their students with information we offer:

Specialty International Insurance

We offer a range of specialty international insurance plans to cater to all needs, including coverage for:

Student Country Pages

Our coverage is worldwide, but visit our country guide if you are studying in, or traveling to: