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Study Abroad Insurance

Learn all about studying abroad and the types of insurance plans needed


It’s rare to hear someone after their journey abroad say “I wish I wouldn’t have studied abroad.” Usually, students return from their exchange program wishing their time overseas had not yet come to an end. Studying abroad allows students to be submerged into a new culture, not just for a few days or weeks, but typically months, giving individuals the chance to surpass the tourist status and really live as a local to experience the new culture first hand. However, sometimes red tape can stand in the way of your study abroad experience.


Is It Really Worth It?

Not convinced that studying abroad is worth the time and effort? Here are just a few benefits of studying abroad:

  • Learn a New Language: Even students who have taken “accelerated” language classes benefit from speaking a second language day in and day out. This will help students tidy up their skills by allowing them to perfect their accent and pick up on commonly used street or slang terms. The best way to speak like a local is to speak with the locals!

  • Experiences and Photos Oh My: One of the key benefits of studying abroad is that no matter where you decide to go, you will have a number of historical and cultural spots around you to visit and give you plenty of great photos! If you have always been interested in a specific culture this is the perfect opportunity to experience it first-hand. Nothing is better than finally being able to visit a landmark you thought you would only read about!

  • Gain Insight: Of course you will have better insight into the country you are studying abroad in, but you will also gain better insight about yourself. Being removed from the life you have always lived and placed into a new environment is a great eye opener. Exposure to new ideas and ways of life make students look at their own thoughts and actions in a new light.

How to Get There

While rewarding, finding out how to study abroad, then following that process is not always a cake walk. If your school in the US has a study abroad program, this is one of the easiest ways to study abroad. As soon as you decide that you want to study abroad you will want to visit your study abroad office on campus for further instruction on how to study abroad. The first thing to realize when learning how to study abroad is that students must be approved through their school to do so. This means you will need to complete a study abroad application that typically consists of your application, transcript, and essay and a few recommendations. Your school will have specific countries and schools that they have partnered with that you are able to choose from. Before you have your heart set on a specific school, make sure it is included on your school’s list. If not, you always have the option of studying abroad through a third party program, however, keep in mind that this will typically cost more than studying abroad through your college or university in the US.

Once approved to study abroad, you will then have a new list of items you need to check off before you are able to go. You will need to get a passport and visa, purchase your international student health insurance, make sure the school of your choice has your degree program and that your credits will transfer home, you have the funds to make the trip a possibility (typically through the assistance of scholarships and loans) and you line up your accommodations while abroad.

Although the process sounds tiring, it will go by in a flash and the benefits of studying abroad will be worth every page of paperwork involved!


When studying abroad, you will need to make sure you have study abroad insurance - we offer the following plans that are ideal for students all around the world:

Europe Travel

Our Euro plan provides students who are coming to study in Europe, or traveling outside of Europe with international travel health insurance coverage, including:

  • Coverage - 5d to 3yrs
  • €40,000 up to €6,250,000
  • Excess from €0
  • Euro priced plan

12 months, Europe only coverage:


€40,000 - €225 (€0 excess) or €198 (€75 excess)
€75,000 - €285 (€0 excess) or €250.80 (€75 excess)
€400,000 - €330 (€0 excess) or €290.40 (€75 excess)


To view all plan choices, please run a free quote for all options available to you.


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Atlas Travel

The Atlas plan provides students with travel health insurance coverage while studying in Europe and will meet all the requirements needed, including:

  • Coverage - 5 days to 1 year
  • $50,000 to $1,000,000 max
  • $0 to $2,500 deductible
  • USD priced plan

12 months coverage costs:


$100 Ded
$250 Ded


$281.05 (€219)






Pricing based on student under 29 years old and Euro premiums are for indication purposes only.


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Student Secure

The Student Secure offers monthly international student health insurance coverage with monthly payment options, and coverage available up to 4 years:

  • Coverage - 5 days to 1 year
  • $200,000 to $300,000 max
  • $100 deductible
  • USD priced plan

12 months coverage costs:


Smart - $324 (€252)
Budget - $432 (€337)
Select - $624 (€486)


Pricing based on a student aged under 24 and Euro premiums are for indication purposes only.


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