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November 2022 | Issue #35

We’re at the tail end of 2022 and the holidays are quickly approaching. It is a great time to extend your plan or purchase coverage for that winter trip you’ve been planning on taking. If you are enrolling for the spring semester, don’t forget to send us your waiver form so you can enroll in your classes as soon as possible. It’s been a productive year and we thank you for letting us be part of your adventure!

Happy Holidays and we hope to hear from you in 2023!

Yessica Pacheco, Customer Service Manager
for the ISI Team


'Tis The Season

Winter break is around the corner and this could mean going back home to celebrate the holidays with your family or planning a fun vacation to the snow capped mountains! Here are some benefits already included in your plan that you may not be aware of:

Student Secure Plan

  • Incidental Home Country Coverage: Covers you up to 15 days for every 3 months of continuous coverage if you go back to your home country.
  • Leisure or Recreational Sports: Covers you for sports practiced purely for recreational purposes.
  • Coverage for treatment and medication in case of contracting COVID-19.

Atlas Travel Plan

  • Adventure Sports: Covers you for sports such as snowboarding and snow skiing practice for recreational purposes.
  • Emergency Quarantine - COVID-19: Covers you for up to $50 per day; up to 10 days if you are forced to quarantine in your host country for trips of 30 days or more.
  • Lost Checked Luggage and Lost Passport/Visa Documents.

How does our diet affect our physical and mental health?

Did you know that the foods you choose to eat have a great impact on your physical and mental performance? You can find out more about how your diet influences your overall well-being, as well as learn some tips on how you can improve your diet to boost your overall performance.

What to Know About Monkeypox (like…it doesn’t come from monkeys)

Many of us have developed a fear of having to go through a pandemic once again. And with the rise of monkeypox, a lot of misinformation is on social media and in the news. Check out our blog to learn if monkeypox actually comes from monkeys, if it is an STI or can this virus be considered a new pandemic. Learn how to identify symptoms and what to do if you think you might have contracted it.

School The World - Back to Guatemala!

Our team needs your help! Prior to the pandemic, the team at International Student Insurance participated in School The World which is a nonprofit organization that has built 109 schools in Guatemala, Honduras, and Panama. Now that international travel is back, our goal is to raise enough funds, in conjunction with the other companies we are traveling with, to build a new elementary school for kids in need in Guatemala in 2023. Any contribution, no matter the size, is a BIG help in reaching our goal!

Self-service Student Zones

Have you signed up for your Student Zone? Through your Student Zone, you can find providers, download your policy documents, update payment information and personal details, and even make extensions or renewals to your plan.

Team Profile: Diego Guido - Marketing Coordinator and Service Representative

I love to know more about other cultures, this is why I enjoy working on ISI. I’m very interested in traveling, when I’m not planning my next trip you’ll find me doing my beauty blog on Instagram about makeup and skincare. Also a thing that I enjoy a lot is to try new restaurants. My favorite types of cuisine are Mexican, Italian and Japanese. An interesting fact about me is that whenever I travel to a new place I try to look for shopping malls that are considered beautiful and state-of-the-art to try a nice cocktail and delicious food. I consider myself a person who enjoys helping, so I feel very happy to help customers seek the best plan that satisfies their insurance needs.

Need Help?

If you need help with your insurance plan, we are committed to helping you navigate your healthcare. We offer customer service in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic. Contact us at:

US Toll Free: 877.758.4391
Internationally: +1.904.758.4391
Skype: skype:international-student-insurance



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