International Student Insurance Newsletter

July 2021 | Issue #31

Fall is rapidly approaching and in the blink of an eye, schools will be back in session. Everyone is itching to go back to traveling as more Covid-19 vaccinations get distributed. Around 3.32 billion vaccine doses have been administered worldwide and counting. Embassies and consulates are reopening and processing student visas. All of this means our busy season has begun!

Our team is prepared to help you. Whether it is extending or renewing your insurance policy, purchasing a new plan, or filling out an insurance compliance form for your school, the ISI team is ready.

Yessica Prato, Customer Service Manager
for the ISI Team


Got Insurance?

Many universities across the United States have decided to allow students to attend in-person classes during the upcoming school year. If you have an insurance plan, be sure to extend or renew your policy before it expires. You can do so directly though your Student Zone.

If you are looking for a new plan to cover you upon your return to campus, contact our team of expert insurance agents or let our virtual agent help you choose the best option for you.


Waiver or Insurance Forms

Schools have taken various measures to ensure that their international community stays safe. One of these measures may include asking their international students to fill out a waiver or insurance form to verify that the student has appropriate coverage. Want to know what plan is best for your school? Check out our School Requirement section:

International Student Orientation

With about 80% of Europe opened, China reopening their visa processes, and the US Department of State working diligently to review visa applications, it’s time to get your insurance sorted. Join Sally McLeod next Monday, July 19th at 1pm EDT as she discusses tips on what to look for when you purchase an insurance plan, provides information about how to seek medical treatment, and gives an overview on the US healthcare system. Whether you plan on practicing soccer at your university or need coverage to protect your flights and hotels in case you need to quarantine upon arrival, Sally shares her advice in our channel.

I’m vaccinated, now what?

Thanks to science, we have multiple Covid-19 vaccination options available. However, this does not mean we have achieved 100% immunity or that you cannot get infected going forward. While being vaccinated is a huge step in the right direction, there are still certain considerations to keep others and yourself safe. Find out what you can and cannot do now that you are vaccinated in one of our latest blogs.


Since face to face interactions were suspended for an indefinite period, many healthcare providers had to quickly pivot and create platforms where they could still communicate with their patients that needed non-emergency treatment. I joined Sally McLeod as we explore this topic in more depth and talk about how telemedicine can be used:

Team Profile: Antonio Zapata - Marketing Coordinator

I was born and raised in the south of Mexico. When I was 21 years old, I decided to move to Mexico City seeking new experiences, adventures, and of course, work opportunities. There are many things I enjoy such as taking long walks, exercising and writing songs, but my absolute favorite is dancing. I feel complete and happy when I dance to my favorite songs. I’m part of the customer service team at ISI, where I’ve been working for over two years now. I enjoy talking to customers and helping them with their inquiries. Talking to international students, scholars and travelers from around the world is a nice way to experience other cultures. I provide assistance in English and Spanish, and I’m always happy to help.

Need Help?

If you need help with your insurance plan, we are committed to helping you understand your insurance plan and how to navigate your healthcare. We offer customer service in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic. Contact us at:

US Toll Free: 8777584391
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