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Getting Medical Treatment

Find out the best place to go when you are sick or injured to make sure you receive treatment quickly.

Step 1 — Go to the doctor, clinic or hospital

Find a nearby provider in the UnitedHealthcare Network. In case of emergency, go to the emergency room or call the local emergency services phone number (911 in the US).

  • Urgent care centers or walk-in clinic are a great place to get immediate medical attention that is not life-threatening. They do not require an appointment and may have extended hours.
  • The emergency room or hospital is only for life threatening illnesses or injuries. If you go to the emergency room for an illness and you are not admitted, you may be subject to an additional deductible.
IMPORTANT — If you are hospitalized or need any extended medical care, you must call the number on your ID card within 48 hours or sooner. Please see your certificate for full details.
Step 2 — Present your insurance ID Card

Show your ID card and be prepared to pay any deductible or copay. If you went to a provider outside the network or don’t have your ID card with you, you may need to pay and submit for reimbursement.

Tip: Ask your provider at the time of treatment for your medical records as the insurance company may request this later.
Step 3 — Submit a claim form
Every new condition will require that you complete and submit a claim form. Please include any itemized bills and receipts at the time of submission. Prescription medications will need to be paid up front at the pharmacy and you will need to submit a claim for reimbursement. Visit the Claim Center for more information.

Plan Documents

Please enter your full name/email address and date of birth in the form below to download and print your insurance ID card, visa letter, brochure and certificate policy.

Please click here to learn more about our digital ID card and how it works.

Claims Center

You will need to submit a claim form for every new condition you seek treatment for. Please complete the following claim forms:

Claim Forms

Standard Claim Form Injury/Accident Form
(complete if your injury was the result of an accident)

Claim Form
Submission Details

  • Email:
  • Fax: +1 317 655 4505
  • International Medical Group
    Claims Department
    PO Box 9162
    Farmington Hills, MI 48333-9162

Claims Status

If you would like to find out the status of a claim, you can either email, log into your MyIMG account online, or call IMG on:

How Claims Are Processed

Medical Claims in the USA

If you go to a provider in the UnitedHealthcare Network, that doctor, hospital, or clinic will typically submit the bill directly to IMG for processing. You will need to show your ID card at the time of your visit, and submit a claim form for processing. A claim form is required for every new illness or injury.

If the provider is not part of the network or you do not have your insurance ID card, you will be asked to pay at the time of your visit. You will need to submit a claim form along with your receipts, bills and medical records to IMG for reimbursement. Reimbursement typically takes 30 business days.

Medical Claims outside the USA

If you are based outside the USA, please call IMG or locate a provider online that is close to you. In most cases you will need to pay for your medical expenses at the time of treatment and then submit a claim form with the itemized receipts, bills and medical records for reimbursement.


If you have been given a prescription by the doctor, please visit any local pharmacy and be prepared to pay for your prescription. You will then need to complete a claim form and include your original receipts, prescription and related doctor’s visit to be reimbursed. The fastest way to submit a claim form is by email, however you can mail and fax the documents as well.

Claims Tracking

Your insurance plan through IMG includes access to MyIMG - your online account center to submit and manage your claims. Through MyIMG you can:

  • Submit claims online
  • View and track claims status
  • Download and view your EOB's (Explanation of Benefits)
  • Secure message the claims team

To access the system, please visit the MyIMG website:


Setting up a New Account

If you have not yet used MyIMG, you will need to set up an account following these steps:

  1. Visit the MyIMG Registration page
  2. Enter your Certificate ID (this can be found on your insurance ID card)
  3. Enter your date of birth

Once you have done that, the system will walk you through the rest of the setup process.

Understand your EOB

When a claim is processed, you will be sent an Explanation of Benefits (also called an EOB) which you can also download in the MyIMG account.

Not sure how to read it? Check out this document to help you understand how your claim has been processed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read through our frequently asked questions to learn more about your insurance plan.

Insurance can be complicated, which is why we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to learn more about your plan and how it works.

  1. Who underwrites the insurance plan and what are they rated?

    Sirius International is the underwriter of your plan. They are rated A (Excellent) by AM Best Company.

  2. Can I renew or extend my plan?

    If you need additional coverage on your plan, please contact your school or organization directly.

  3. I need to update my name, email address, and date of birth on my plan?

    All updates on your plan need to be done directly through your school or organization. Please contact them to update or correct any information.

  4. What is the deductible, copay, and coinsurance?

    The deductible is the amount you pay out of pocket before the insurance covers you. Depending on your plan, it can be paid once per year or once per condition.

    The copay is the amount you pay each time you seek treatment at a certain provider. Some plans may or may not include a copay.

    Coinsurance is the shared cost that you and the insurance company pay. It’s typically paid after the deductible or copay, and is a percentage you pay out of pocket.

  5. Where should I go to seek medical care?

    If you are sick or injured, there are many places you can go for to seek medical attention, including:

    • Doctor’s Office — Going to the doctor for a cold, flu, or stomach bug can be a great place to start. You will be required to call in advance and make an appointment, so this works well for students who do not need immediate medical attention.
    • Walk In Clincs/Urgent Care Centers — These providers are staffed with doctors and nurses, but do not require an appointment and you can walk right in and be seen. This is typically the best place to seek treatment as many of the labs and tests can be done right onsite. This is a good option if you are not feeling well or if you hurt yourself, and you would like immediate attention.
    • Hospital/Emergency Room — If you have a severe accident or illness that needs immediate medical attention, please go to the nearest emergency room or hospital, and/or call the emergency services for immediate assistance.
    Please note: Go to the emergency room only in the event of a true emergency; as any illness not admitted may be subject to an additional deductible.

    As with anything, we ask you to use your judgment if you feel you need immediate attention please do not delay and go straight to the Emergency Room. If your condition is not severe, then you can either visit a local doctor, walk-in clinic or urgent care center.

  6. I called the doctor’s office to make an appointment, and they did not recognize my plan. What should I do?

    When making an appointment while in the US, be sure to let the provider know that your plan is with the UnitedHealthcare Network. They will not know International Student Insurance or International Medical Group (IMG), so it’s important to let them know that your plan is with the UnitedHealthcare Network. Their logo will also appear on your insurance ID card. If you are outside the US and the provider is not in the network, you will need to check with the provider to see if they will do direct payment.

  7. Why should I go to an in-network doctor or hospital?

    We have network providers all over the world. For those provider in-network, they have agreed to treat covered members at a reduced rate and will file a claim for you (so you do not have to pay for your visit and submit for reimbursement).

  8. How long does it take to process a claim?

    Once all information is received, including the claims form, a claim takes about 30 business days to process. Claims are reimbursed either by check or wire transfer.

  9. I haven't heard back about my claim, how can I follow up?

    You can check the status of your claim online in the MyIMG portal, or you can call or email the insurance company directly at: