In this issue: Manage your insurance plan, handling culture shock, avoiding the flu, scheduling a doctors appointment in the US and Travel plans!
Newsletter Issue 24 | February 2019

The new year brings an opportunity to get a fresh start. As you navigate through your international experience, whether you need to extend your insurance plan, deal with culture shock or prepare for spring break, here are some helpful resources to make 2019 trouble-free and unforgettable!

Have a great spring semester
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Managing Your Insurance Plan

Don’t forget to extend or renew your plan before it expires. You can easily do so through your Student Zone. In the Student Zone, you are also able to:

  • Find a doctor, hospital, or clinic
  • Download your ID card and documents
  • Access and track your claims
  • Update your personal information

To access your Student Zone simply login with your Certificate/ID number and your date of birth.

Student Zone

Let's Talk About Culture Shock

After arriving to a new country, many international students experience feelings of confusion, stress and uncertainty. Did you know this is referred to as “culture shock”? Culture shock can arise from things like meeting new people, eating new foods, or adapting to a foreign language, and can leave you feeling lonely, anxious or depressed.

In this video you will hear the experiences of 11 international students who faced culture shock and how they coped with their stress when they came to the US.

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Flu Season Is Upon Us!

Winter brings with it not only snow and cold weather, but also sickness if you are not careful. The flu season begins as your classes get busier and more deadlines appear. Here is a quick guide on ways to prevent the flu and how to recognize symptoms.

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Seeking Treatment In The US

A sore throat or a pounding headache at the start of a busy day of classes is less than ideal. But when you are in a foreign country, finding a doctor might seem impossible. While the US healthcare system is complex, this blog will guide you step-by-step on how to schedule a doctor’s appointment in the US.

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Spring Break Travel Plans

Are you planning a trip this spring break? If so, now is the right time to begin preparations! Health and travel insurance are important as you never know what might occur. If you need a short-term travel plan, our Patriot Travel plan is ideal for this! You can purchase the plan from 5 days and up to 1 year, and it will cover you globally outside your home country.

If you are going to be practicing snowboarding or snow skiing, our Atlas Travel plan includes coverage for extreme sports like these. Both plans can be purchased right online and you can begin coverage as soon as the same day!

Travel Plans

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